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A visit to Turkey topped with an Egg Plant delight

Nelson shares his experience with a visit to Turkey as well as a recipe excellent with any Lamb dish.
Wedding Bells are ringing

Wedding Bells are ringing

Going ashore can get you much more than you bargained for

Boxing my way to a tasty lamb dinner with fritter for dessert

Salmon in the Similkameen

Local fishing enthusiast, John Sandness shares his thoughts

The many wonderful ways to eat honey, minus the bees

Nelson explains various types of honey and shares a wonderful recipe for Honey Bran Muffins


Lost and found turns out to be the tastiest recipe

A few nights ago I had halibut for supper and it was fantastic. But first I had to find a recipe for one of my favorite sauces, one I often use for non-oily fish.
She’s beautiful inside and out

She’s beautiful inside and out

Hair becomes a part of ones identity. It is how people are described to others. Most often it is referred to as a distinct feature. For women, hair can be a part of their femininity, so when for whatever reason it is suddenly gone, it is a loss to its owner.

Participate in research study

It’s Flu season and a number of doctors in BC are participating in an international study to find ways to shorten the duration of symptoms and to decrease the risk of potential complications from the flu.