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Straight from your own garden, lettuce makes a great soup

Nelson shares his life's experiences as well as his favoured recipes

Fill your belly and get off the hook

Nelson shares his life's experiences as well as his most favoured recipes.

Parting company with the big one. Part 1

John Sandness, a local fishing enthusiast shares his tips and tricks with his readers.
Berni DiDiT all over town

Berni DiDiT all over town

This cartoonist from the Okanagan has graced Princeton not only with his talent, but his great humor as well. Residents looking forward to the upcoming Rodeo are very pleased with the addition of Berni's artwork to the community. Locals are quite impressed with his artwork

Two thousand pounds of salmon, grayling’s and bears, oh my!

My son managed the concession at the Albion Ferry (from Langley to Maple Ridge) for a couple of years and I got into helping him out. At one point, three of us cleaned two thousand pounds of salmon, starting at midnight and working until eleven the next morning.
New Youth Ambassadors hold fashion show

New Youth Ambassadors hold fashion show

Plan for visits unannounced and just expect the unexpected

Nelson shares his life experiences and his most favoured recipes.
A summer solstice celebration

A summer solstice celebration

Classical music floats through the evening like a dragonfly that doesn’t want to land, but rather wants to meander through the warm night. Summer solstice is only three days away. It is June 18. Rich flavourful smells fill the air. The river rushes underneath. Cutlery clatters cheerfully on plates full of culinary delights. Wine flows. Laughter and good conversation rumble.

Don’t fall on your behind while serving Lobster Croquettes

Nelson Lewis shares his life experiences as well as his favoured recipes

Okanagan Historical Society presents a history of murder and mayhem

On Thursday 31 March Randy Manuel, President of the Okanagan Historical Society and former Director of the Penticton Museum, gave a fascinating talk about a bizarre murder case that took place 53 years ago.