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“Holy puck” Princeton

Posse fundraiser creates crazy excitement

Almost as exciting as the hockey itself is the Princeton Posse’s home game puck toss.

In recent weeks, with the prize pot exceeding $1,700, the puck toss has taken on a competitive life of its own.

“I don’t know how you win this,” said team general manager Mark McNaughton, admitting he’s never personally tossed a puck.

“It really comes down to luck.”

Two hundred pucks, each numbered, are available for sale at every home game, $5 for three.

The pucks are now selling out 90 minutes before game time, with many fans arriving early to buy pucks, and some purchasing dozens.

During the second intermission, a container with a small hole at the top is placed at centre ice, and fans in the stands throw their pucks, trying to net a winner.

Some gamblers take their pucks and hide them outside the arena so they are cold, and theoretically less likely to bounce on the ice.

Others believe a clever bounce is the only way to win

Last season the puck toss was won twice, but so far this year victory is elusive.

Every game, the prize amount increases.

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Andrea DeMeer

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