Fans meet Jessica at Jessie’s Art Show

A couple from Vernon travelled all the way to Princeton, just to meet Jessica McIvor.

Tara Healey saw Jessica on the news

Tara Healey saw Jessica on the news

Jessica McIvor of Princeton, B.C. likes to make people smile. In November of 2013 she decided it was time to share her art—and share it for free. With the help of her New Beginnings support worker Becky Vermette, the two created a Facebook page entitled, “Jessie’s Arts.”

What happened next—no one expected. Jessica McIvor became an internet sensation. Within five days of being on-line Jessie’s Arts garnered 1,000 likes and within 10 days 2,000.

She has been interviewed in newspapers, on radio and television. “I feel like a real celebrity,” said Jessica.

Jessie’s Arts currently has 3,462 likes from all across the world. The support and encouragement from her fans has increased her confidence which has blossomed into her artwork. “It’s fantastic,” said Vermette, “she is now using different mediums.”

Jessica has come from “just my fine tipped crayola pens,” to using canvas, brushes, sponges and acrylic paint and is creating works of art that her fans are snapping up.

Family, support workers and friends came together to help Jessica put on her first art show.

On Tuesday, March 25 Jessie’s Art Show at New Beginnings saw numerous pieces of work sold by donation—all proceeds going to further support Jessica’s art supplies.

In fact, part of the non-stop crowd included Jim and Tara Healey, a couple from Vernon, who  travelled all the way to Princeton, just to meet Jessica during her show.

Jessica is thrilled with how happy people are with her work and says, “Thank you all for helping me—for supporting my art. Thank you to Becky and thank you to my amazing parents.”


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