You’ve come a long way baby

HP offers congratulations to Daniel Sedin

Dear Editor:

In the radio news this morning, Daniel Sedin, Canuck hockey sniper extraordinaire forgoes road trip to be with his wife for the birth of their third child.  The implications are that in his absence he could be surpassed in the NHL scoring race for the most prestigious individual hockey award, ‘The Art Ross’ trophy.

Daniel’s choice is clearly that of the modern man who would forego his own ambitions in the more important pursuit of marital harmony.

Allow me to congratulate you for your stance Daniel.  You have not only endeared yourself to the heart of your wife but set an example for men everywhere.

Clearly, even management has become enlightened since I was a young married man.  When I asked my boss in the shipyard if I could be excused one day to be with my wife for the birth of our first child, I was told, “ Your presence is only required for the laying of the keel, not for the launching.”


HP Toews

Princeton, B.C.