What’s your beef revisited

Writer responds to February 19 "Whats your beef" editorial.

Dear Editor,

I wouldn’t take the “No Princeton Council” sticker on your office door personally, but just a pain in the wrist and elbow scraping it off.

But as you stated in your column, it would be interesting to speak to the person(s) that applied the sticker….maybe they tried speaking with the Princeton Council to no avail, and then decided to get Town Council’s attention by you giving them publicity in the newspaper?

I think “they, the Sticker Culprit” would be better off by documenting their beef and posting it on YouTube, or calling CBC or CTV, or Castenet if Town Council ignores their concerns.

All governments seem to ignore the populace concerns — the governments flavour of the day— agenda comes first, with little thought to the taxpayers money.

Many, many people, in growing numbers, whether they live in Princeton or Vancouver, just don’t trust or are skeptical of any kind of politician or government anymore. Municipal, Provincial, or Federal, we’ve all grown weary of the promises given. Money drives any government, and usually big business or big family money dictates government.

It’s no different here in Princeton.

I enjoyed reading your opinion column, hope “my opinion” hasn’t offended you.  Opinions are neither right or wrong, they’re just opinions, and we all have them.

Enjoy the sunshine today!

Deb Oslund

Princeton, B.C.