Way too many deer in Princeton

Something needs to be done about the deer population before someone is hurt

Dear Editor,

Why so few seer complaints?

Well, this is what I hear:

“Why bother, nothing will be done about it.”

“Waste of time, nothing is going to change!”

Something has to be done now. The longer it takes to figure out if there is a deer problem, this town will be overrun, then it will cost more and take longer to eliminate the problem.

It’s not like the deer take a couple of years off from breeding –  there are more very year!

So when/if this survey is sent out, hopefully there will be a good response.

That is if the people take the time to read it, and fill it out, and if they don’t have to put their name to it.

And how will it be determined if a deer problem exists?

When someone is attacked/trampled by an aggressive deer and seriously hurt, or worse?

When the Merritt conservation officer said, “It is really time to take some action” (Spotlight Nov. 23) after investigating the incident with Darnella’s mom and finding 15 deer in the vicinity, would that not be classified as a problem?

The deer population has been out of control for years, and is a serious issue which should be addressed immediately.

Then people will be able to walk anywhere, day or night, without thinking about coming upon a deer and disturbing it (unintentionally) and possibly being attacked.

Kay Goglin