Responding to Mr. Ebenau

Dear Editor;

Dear Editor;

As a neighbour across from Mr. Ebenau, I would like to respond to his letter (Spotlight dated Jan. 26/2011, Vol. 62, Issue 4).

1. Why shoot the messenger? The reporter obviously drove y and could see the huge two storey building behind what once was a small single family home. His house was zoned R1 because the town approved these small lots on his side for low income “single family dwellings” hence “small lots”, manufactured homes and reasonable prices.

Yes times have changed, but what is, is.

2. The application submitted states storage, “i.e. carriage house” as quoted in town letter dated Nov. 3/2010 as presented to the covering block and properties involved.

3. He states he only wants the same zoning as across the road. As for across the road on river lots, we have very large double lots, more custom homes and pay much higher taxes for that privilege.

4. I believe the RD2 zoning should be given out only after serious thought by council as to the impact and I’m sure they are aware that Corina Ave. dead ends into John Allison School. All the RD2 lots on Corina Ave., mostly built on and won’t change. We have children who are safe walking to school with no sidewalks. They must walk on the street. We have enough school traffic in a school zone without applying more.

5. Mr. Ebenau stripped the landscaping from his front lawn and paved right to his footing. “Curb Appeal?” Then, a huge oversized building behind his small manufactured home, so he is obviously not concerned about aesthetic value to his property.

6. I reiterate RD2 zoning should be given with great thought. Not just because you put up a huge building and or have a basement.

IN CLOSING: It might be wiser to work for the value and good of your neighbours now instead of some future buyer. To maintain and hold the value of your surrounding area.

G. Longstaff

Princeton, B.C.