Princeton’s industrial park cost should be made public

An open letter to Princeton council for information about costs associated with the industrial park.

Dear Editor,

This letter is for Coun. Frank Armitage, Town of Princeton, B.C.

Dear Sir:

With reference to Mr. Muckle’s letter to the Similkameen Spotlight, Feb 22, 2012 “How about it?” I was interested in his comments regarding audited financial statements, especially for the industrial park.

Realizing town council’s policy to not respond to a letter to the editor, and the more difficult process of addressing members of council, as a concerned taxpayer I am respectfully requesting an answer to Mr. Muckle’s concerns.

•How much did the industrial park cost?  Land acquisition/sewer/water/roads/fire protection/etc.

•What incentives and programs are being offered to fill the spaces?

•How is availability of commercial property in Princeton being advertised?

•How many sites are there and are they all serviced?

•What business criteria has been established for those who will be allowed to buy lots in the Park?

•IOUs?  Who from? Was it money slated to be used to fund major capital projects?

Looking forward to your reply.

Sincerely yours

Corry Oerlemans