Princeton seniors face hardship paying taxes

Nine per cent property tax increase is too much for seniors to afford.

Dear Editor,

Regarding town hall.

Nine per cent property tax increase, is this council on happy pills or what!

We are seniors and disabled on fixed incomes, most of us were lucky to get a $20 per month increase on our pensions. You already raised sewer and water.

Where was this idea election time – it must have been sleeping in chambers! Nobody heard of it.

I’m sure the election results would have been quite different if someone had trotted out the nine per cent idea.

You are forcing seniors to look at tax deferment, who is going to make that up?

The people who feel obligation to pay their taxes!

If seniors defer then you will get no monies at all. Becoming 65 years old before taxes are due, I am considering deferring and getting a refund for the already prepaid taxes I have podia so far.

I suggest you put your heads together and rethink the hardship you may cause.

Wayne & Georgina Longstaff