My run-in with ICBC

ICBC customer miffed by mismanagement

Dear Editor:

My last run-in with the Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC) still rankles as I hear that their employees are sharing 9 million dollars in bonus money. Let me explain how a Liberal government builds a case for private ownership of the auto insurance industry.

Cases in point; a) the recent discovery that adjusters were writing off cars, buying them back from the corporation, making minor repairs then reselling them.  b) Complaints by private investigators that they are no longer being asked to investigate bogus claims.  c) No longer paying for windshield chip repairs—but being covered for this service if you are insured privately. d) Hiring a shill to tell you that you are covered while travelling abroad.   e) And in my own case spending hours waiting for an adjuster only to be told that they could not replace a damaged part on my car while a repair estimate was ten dollars less.

Conclusion:  As long as the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia,  (ICBC) is run by a government with an aversion to public ownership, we’ll also see public dissatisfaction with its performance.

HP Toews