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LETTER: Catastrophic events caused by climate change

‘I cannot believe that there are climate change deniers given the catastrophic events’
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Dear Editor:

It baffles the mind – at least my mind – how people can go on ignoring the signs of the times.

People are dying all over the world because of catastrophic events that have been created by climate change. Over 1,000 people in Bangladesh and 80 people in Tennessee caused by floods have recently died. Over 12,000 in Europe with Germany leading with 6,500 deaths and more caused by heat waves. Here in B.C., 22 people have died in this summer’s heat. Fires are devastating California.

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And what are we doing about it? Rushing to catch planes, trains and ships to go on holidays, adding to the transportation pollution which will only add to our dilemma.

Here in the Okanagan, we have had a fires burning to the south of us for over a month while our federal government contemplates the purchase of 88 fighter jets instead of fire bombers, helicopters and training fire fighters because we know very well that there are going to be a lot more fires in our heated future.

I cannot believe that there are climate change deniers given the catastrophic events that are occurring all around the world.

Think about our future before you plan that unnecessary out-of-province trip.

Frank Martens


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