In response to letter – March 26 (promoter)

Writer discusses what Princeton looks like to the average tourist.

Dear Editor,

I think the letter is important but simplistic. Letter talks about shopping—in my opinion its jumping the gun.

Let’s talk about what Princeton looks like to the average tourist.

To attract people to shop in Princeton you have to make it attractive. Let’s clean up the sidewalks. Let’s clean up the town core. Buildings need a spruce up. Where is the dog scat control on the sidewalks? And where is the interest in the history of Princeton? Is it locked up in the museum which is not well advertised. Will tourists know where to go to see the museum?

When you come into Princeton from the east, what do you see? An information centre, barely recognizable to what it is. Let’s spruce that up. Let’s get some toilets, picnic tables etc., cut the grass. Do some landscaping around the place.

What does the town think? Tourists are stupid? In this day and age?  You may not think so but there are better places than Princeton.

What about the round house? That is pathetic!

What about the Caboose? Its just stuck there…What about access to the round house? Anyone walking there will find a lot of garbage and dog scat. Why is there not some control of the dog scat? When tourists slip on dog scat on the sidewalks I would imagine they will not give a positive recommendation of Princeton.

There has been a lot of hope put to the Copper Mine. But what has it brought to the Princeton core?

There are a lot of empty store fronts. If you want to promote Princeton don’t wait for the mine.

What about the KVR trail? Once again it is not promoted. It is not clean. It is part of history but where is the pride? Lots of Princeton history has been given up to posterity and/or ignored. It (KVR) is dirty and not promoted but used very much to deposit dog scat. If I was a tourist would I long to walk amongst this? I would say not!

Princeton has a lot to offer. The fathers of Princeton need to wake up. Get the eggs out of the basket and be smart.

What about the river frontage? Many towns have used this to their advantage . What is it with the dikes blocked off?

There are so many things to look at. My head spins.


Norbert Neumann