Explore home-try a staycation this weekend

What are you doing next Saturday morning? Why not stay in town and explore your own backyard?

What are you doing next Saturday morning? Why not stay in town and explore your own backyard? With summer being a bit of a downer this year, I know it is hard to get excited about another cloudy or rainy day. You might just want to escape to some other place. Who wouldn’t? Rather than go someplace else why not take the chance to explore your own backyard next weekend?

Princeton has some great things to do and most are affordable no matter how large your group is. Why not start the day off with visiting the Farmers’ Market at the Princeton Plaza? You can pick up locally grown produce. While you are at it why not check out the yard sales in town? If nothing else you might get to go for a bit of a drive to part of town you may not have visited in a while.

Visit the museum. Have you seen our newly renovated museum? If not, make it a must do for the weekend. I have visited a lot of museums and I have to say the renovations and displays are up there with some of the best museums in the province. Entrance is by donation so you don’t have to break the bank, and you get to see how our early pioneers and inhabitants lived.

It must be getting close to lunch by now, so treat yourself by going out for lunch at one of our local restaurants. If you’re not up to going out for lunch, pick up some deli meat and a loaf of bread at Coopers and use some of that great produce you got at the Farmers’ Market to make yourself a picnic lunch in one of our parks or drive out to one of our many lakes or provincial campsites.

After lunch, why not keep exploring? Take a drive out to the Tulameen Valley where you can see historic Coalmont, which by the way is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. When you are done in Coalmont keep on driving and visit Tulameen.  The Tulameen Valley has hiking trails, fishing and great sightseeing opportunities.

If you have a GPS, you could always take the afternoon and try Geocaching.  Geocaching is kind of like a treasure hunt. Visit www.geocaching.com where you will find caches for your area. Enter the coordinates into your GPS unit and hit the road. This is a highly addictive activity, especially after you have found your first cache. The first time my wife and I tried it years ago there were only a handful of hunts to try out and now there are hundreds.  It is a great way to see and learn about the area.

You could just take the afternoon and go fishing. Go grab some worms and hit one of our many, many lakes. There is nothing like spending the day on the water by yourself or with good company to wash away the troubles of the week.  Not a fisher? No problem. Go for a hike on one of our many trails. Take your bike up to China Ridge and ride some of the great trails built by the hardworking volunteers there.

This weekend check out what Princeton has to offer, be it the Farmers’ Market, great fishing holes, our great museum or lunch downtown.