ATV users not wanted by all

Princeton made the right decision to ban ATVs from town trails.

Dear Editor,

Why is it so important to ATV users to have these few kilometers of KVR trail?

There are other users, such as walkers, runners, cyclists, young families with children, etc. who do not want them there.

Considering the size of the trail, “self-propelled activities” and “motorized activities” are incompatible.

The main consideration is safety! There is insufficient space for the two activities to coexist.

All ready there have been instances when pedestrians have feared for their safety, especially in the tunnel with machines roaring by.

The town made the right decision!

Let there be a non-motorized section of the KVR within the 5 km. town boundary.

Let the ATV users go elsewhere with their noisy machines to pursue their motorized activities.

Princeton needs to become of age and join other communities, Kimberley and Golden immediately come to mind, who have developed “riverside trails for self-propelled activities”.

These trails have become an asset for these towns and  are well used by the public.

Even Calgary, that motorized capital of the world, has extensive non-motorized trails within its city limits.

Let’s allow Princeton to march forward into the 21st Century, where activities do not have an adverse impact on the environment and where the public receives physical benefits from self- propelled activities that promote wellness and good health.

Mary Masiel