Action needed to happen now not later

Concern over the raw sewage dump adjoining our historical cemetery, where even today locals are buried.

Dear Editor;

I have been in the immediate area for over 32 years.  I agree with the respectful usage of our forests and small towns like Tulameen, Coalmont and the other Area H rural settlements.  I have noticed in those years an enormous (and growing) amount of people enjoying the the bush, lakes, towns and etc., from all over the world.

In late 2008, I asked (I thought) an important individual at the time in Area H to hopefully alleviate a major environmental disgrace in the area, Coalmont, where I currently live full time.

Now, to the problem that I mentioned to this individual…

It concerns the raw sewage dump adjoining our historical cemetery.  Where even today locals are buried.  Since living now full time in Coalmont, I noticed sewer truck after sewer truck going by my house up to the open pit dump at the cemetery.  Sometimes dumping more than twice on the same day.  Then, I even saw a truck, not from the Princeton area on a semi-regular basis also dumping there.  This was noticed by myself and other Coalmont individuals.

I was disappointed that the only reply I/we received from this so-called important individual was that “nothing could be done because the usage of the open pit raw sewage dump was granted many many years ago and it was permitted as it was on private property.”

Not believing what I was told by this so-called important individual at that time, I felt I needed help to stop or bring this unsightly and toxic problem into closure or to be brought up to current standards for that type of site.  Action needed to happen now, not later.

It is now later.

May as well see if the new guy has any guts?  It seems that he does because when I showed him the problem he had, unknowing to me, invited our local rag to come with us to see the sewer dump.  When they saw it and took pictures, they were, in my opinion, beyond disgusted. I hoped, and now realize, the new guy is very concerned about this very serious problem that is growing in Area H.  That proved to me and some of the concerned individuals in our area what kind of man he really is.  He is very transparent as he had brought the local press with him as proof…who better?

Realizing the sad news that his mother had passed, he must have naturally, as anyone else would have, a lot on his mind.  The poor guy doesn’t even have time to grieve as he should. This forced me after some sleepless nights to bring this to the public’s attention through a newspaper I respect, the Spotlight.

People who actually showed an active concern and got it to this point on their own should be commended; Moe for helping and Melody Hope plus a bunch of goats (to make me realize I needed to get this going).

Finally, I hope, (no pun intended) the only important persons are oneselves to make this happen.  Good Luck Chuck I hope you win!

Rolly Giroux

Coalmont Goat and Lamb Sanctuary, Coalmont, B.C.