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Volunteers save Princeton kitty with head trapped in jar for 3 days

‘It was a pretty crazy few days. I can’t believe it had a happy ending.’
The distressed cat had its head stuck in this jar for at least three days. When the jar was removed, the animal scampered away. Photo contributed

The story of a Princeton kitty that was the subject of a town search, owing to the fact it was running around with a jar on its head, had a happy ending on Monday, April 29.

Dozens of residents searched for the cat over the past weekend, fearing it would not be able to eat or drink under the circumstances.

Kassidy McCutcheon, who works for Princeton Family Services and is also an experienced animal rescue volunteer, took a leadership role after reading about the feline on social media.

Following three days of tracking she was discouraged, believing the cat must have succumbed to related injuries.

Even an RCMP officer and the police detachment’s victims services worker participated in the effort to locate and free the cat, said McCutcheon.

“This is the great thing about Princeton.”

Monday, McCutcheon got a call from a friend, who had seen the cat. This prompted several people to spring into action.

“It was a pretty crazy few days. I can’t believe it had a happy ending,” she told Black Press.

The cat was spotted near the Tulameen River, and concerned parties raced to the location.

The rescuers threw a blanket over the cat, and then a jacket, to keep it contained, and another volunteer quickly pulled the jar off the cat’s neck.

“The cat was incredibly small. It was starving,” said McCutcheon.

“It went straight for the river, presumably to get a drink and to get the (heck) away from us.”

The cat had lodged its head in a plastic jar of cat treats and was unable to free itself.

McCutcheon urges people to not leave food or treat jars available to their pets.

No one has claimed responsibility for the animal.

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