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Town of Princeton hosts bylaw review open house

Princeton residents had an opportunity to be involved in the future of land regulations at an open house held Jan. 28.
Johanna Nott discusses zoning concerns with Joel Short of Urban Systems during the Zoning Bylaw Review Open House held at the Skills Center on Monday

The Town of Princeton hosted a Zoning Bylaw Review Open House on Monday, Jan. 28, to give residents the opportunity to be involved in the future of land regulations in Princeton.

Community Planners from Urban Systems were on hand to answer questions regarding the bylaw review.

Earlier that same day, the planners visited the high school and met with students and local seniors who regardless of the differences in ages,  shared common concerns in regards to zoning issues in Princeton.

The current Zoning Bylaw was last reviewed in 1994 and is now being updated to incorporate the best practices, address known issues and reflect Princeton’s Official Community Plan.

During the open house, residents were encouraged to share their thoughts on issues including; secondary suites and carriage homes, home based businesses, downtown parking, steel cargo containers, industrial park appearance, age-friendly land use requirements and more.

The next steps in the process will include the preparation of a draft Zoning Bylaw, a legal review and then a community meeting on the draft Zoning Bylaw.

The  adoption process will include final revisions, a public hearing with adoption anticipated for the summer of 2013.