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Town of Princeton — Council briefs

Highlights from the regular meeting of Council. Council Meetings are held the first and third Mondays of each month.

Chamber of Commerce Fee for Service Agreement

Council agreed upon the recommendation that the Town of Princeton rescind the three year Fee for Service Agreement with the Princeton and District Chamber of Commerce for the provision of visitor information and town promotional services for an annual fee of $25,000 dated May 7, 2012 be replaced with a one year Fee For Service Agreement for the provision of visitor information and town promotional services for an annual fee of $25,000. Due to changes to the board and staff illness, the original agreement was not returned to the Town in the appropriate time. The recent agreement is set for one year at the request of the Chamber. The Mayor and Chief Administration Officer are authorized to execute the agreement.

Scale installation at landfill

The Town of Princeton received three quotes for the installation of the weigh scale at the landfill. Council has authorized staff to execute an agreement with Mike Grgich Contracting in the amount of $32,838.40. Staff is to complete arrangements with J-R Contracting Ltd., current operators of the landfill to complete internal roadway modifications required to facilitate the scale installation at an estimated cost of $7,500. In order to meet compliance regulations and budget requirements Council agreed with the recommendation to the acquisition of a temporary scale house at an estimated cost of $2,000., this year and fencing to be done next year. The Town of Princeton and the Regional District (RDOS) share the cost equally. Councillor Jason Earle asked if there were any anticipated closure days with this project. Interim Chief Administration Officer Helen Koning said, “We do not anticipate any closures.”

Zig Zag Trail

The Project had come to a stand-still as issues had been found along its development. To resolve clearance issues with the gazebo, Fortis will be brought in to move the power pole. A drainage issue was addressed with the discovery of a storm drain at the top of the hill that flowed over the bank. An additional step is required at the base as well as additional fencing along switchback areas. Council authorized staff to proceed with the identified additional work in the amount of approximately $48,000. Councillor Earle noted that although it looked like a lot, “we are fortunate that this was found out now instead  after project completion.”

Let’s Talk - Volunteer Community Organizations

Council authorized the expenditure of a maximum $500. for the Town of Princeton Parks, Recreation and Culture Department  to organize the 2nd annual Let’s Talk Event for Town Council to host a dinner for organization heads to plan for the events for 2013.

Funding request

Council received a request from Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) and the Similkameen Valley Planning Society (SVPS) for funding to assist them with acquiring adequate photos for the branding project. “I feel this is a worthwhile initiative said Councillor Maynard, “a worthwhile investment.” In discussion, Councillor Earle asked if the group had exhausted their resources. Councillor Maynard responded, “they have a lot of winter shots, not suitable—they need a certain type of photo for branding.” Council agreed (2 to 1), to grant the request in the sum of $2000. $1000 from unused funds from the Airshow and another $1000 from the Town budget.

Council Reports

Councillor Pateman reported that Princeton Weyerhaeuser had given Princeton Extrication (Highway Rescue) a substantial donation towards the purchase of a new truck, for which they are very grateful for.

The Chamber Christmas Light Up committee had their first meeting for this year and planning is well underway.

PSS Grad/Athletics Firewood delivery took place on the 13  - great fundraiser.

Councillor Maynard attended the Save Our Hospital Coalition Annual General Meeting noting discussion was held on the development of an improved and sustainable Health Care Model for Princeton. (Discussion paper on the SOHC website)

Attended the SVPS meeting in Keremeos at the Lower Similkameen Indian Band Office  whereupon a detailed description of the TOTA initiative was given.

Councillor Maynard attended the Open House at the Riverside Center on Oct. 13 for the RDOS Official Community Plan (OCP) Hearings. Councillor Maynard noted that there was some controversy and landowners were not happy with changes made to lot size.

Councillor Earle made the following announcements;

Girl Guide Cookies are for sale!

Princeton Rotary is holding their End Polio fundraiser in partnership with Cooper’s Foods. Donate 1000 points on your Save-On-More Card and enter your name in a draw to win tickets to a very exiting game. (BC Lions vs Saskatchewan Roughriders)The Fuel Fundraiser for Princeton Highway Extrication (Sandbags) takes place this coming Saturday (Oct. 20) at Husky. Filling the bags will take place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. or until the sand runs out.  If anyone wants to help - go on up.

October 20 and 21 (Saturday and Sunday) and Free Landfill Days for Princeton and Area H residents.

On Saturday Princeton Air Cadets are heading for their first gliding experience.

Councillor Earle noted that there are a lot of talented and generous people in this community. He made mention of a concert that took place this past weekend and then extended his thanks to a gentleman who gives freely and constantly within the community. “To Allan Kovaltsenko—thank you for your generosity with your talent,” he said.

In closing, in light of the hospital situation Councillor Earle stressed to the community, “Your worry is not whether or not the emergency room is open—it’s call 911. Your first and only concern is call 911 and let our systems work.”

Mayor Armitage had been away due to recent deaths within his family. He was however able to attend the SVPS meeting with Councillor Maynard.

On Thursday, Oct. 11 Mayor Armitage met with Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid for a tour and meeting at the Princeton General Hospital. Mayor Armitage was pleased that the minister accepted the invitation to come to Princeton. He then shared his appreciation  and admiration once again, for the Stakeholders group who have dedicated themselves to solving the ER issues at PGH.

Mayor Armitage reported also that he had the pleasure of serving as an International Ambassador for our community. At their request, Mayor Armitage met with a Japanese party interested in the operations of our pellet plant, (looking to start their own) participated in a gift exchange and a promise to send literature about our community to them.

Council received a letter from Greyhound Canada Transportation ULC to alert them that Greyhound Canada had filed an application with the BC Passenger Transportation Board for a reduction of bus service—and requested written comments by October 17 —extended to October 24, 2012.

Councillor Maynard noted that the community had very little bus service as it is and shared his concern of loosing any further service now or into the future. He motioned for staff to send a letter expressing this concern. The motion was carried unanimously.