SOS shares concern with Princeton Town Council

SOS brought the possibility of another application by a methane company to light at Council on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

President of Save Our Similkameen (SOS)

President of Save Our Similkameen (SOS)

Members of Save Our Similkameen (SOS) attended Council on Tuesday, Sept. 3 to share concerns regarding Coalbed Methane.

To begin, president of SOS, Solana Allison approached Council, shaking each of their hands and extending thanks for their work on the community’s health care issues.

Mayor Armitage in turn extended his thanks on behalf of Council and the community for the work done by SOS and their volunteers.

“Good, hard work was done and we are optimistic about the outcome,” said Mayor Armitage.

Allison proceeded to inform Council that SOS was “looking at the possibility of another application by a second methane company whom has bought out the tenure that was held by Petrobank/Petrobrakken/Lightstream Resources.”

She told Council that the new methane company was seeking entry into the valley and had secured tenures in south B.C., looking at development and eventually production.

“Our position on this has not changed,” said Allison, “the battle for securing safe, clean potable water for citizens of Princeton and residents of the Similkameen Valley has been fought once already.”

She reminded Council that it had been a strong policy in the past and SOS was hopeful that they could continue to count on Council’s support in the matter of Aquifer Protection.

President Allison then formally requested that “the Town of Princeton renew support by opposing any future coalbed methane drilling projects in the Princeton area and to pass a Municipal Moratorium to that effect.”

Mayor Armitage thanked Allison for bringing the information to Council.  He reminded all present that decisions were not made during these meetings. Mayor Armitage added, “If memory serves me correctly, we did take a strong stance on this. We’ll get back to you.”

A motion passed to adopt the report, “An Action Framework: To sustain an Effective Health Care Model for Princeton and Surrounding Areas – July 2013 – June 2014.

Councillors Marilyn Harkness and Doug Pateman are appointed to the committee with Councillor Kim Maynard and Mayor Armitage appointed as alternates.

Public representatives to the committee appointed by Council are, Walter Hogg, Senior Citizens Association of B.C. Branch #30 and Judy Short, Princeton Community Representative.

The full document is available for viewing in hardcopy at the Town Hall as well as the Town website and can also be viewed on line at the Support Our Health Care website at