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Princeton looks to make the town more age-friendly via new survey

89 people filled out the age-friendliness survey

In a survey that concluded on May 31, Princeton aimed to find out how to make the town more accessible for older citizens.

After receiving a grant, a survey was conducted in relation to the age-friendly action plan, to better understand the perspective of seniors living in Princeton.

The town council planned on using the survey to better understand the needs, challenges and opportunities seniors face in the town and use this feedback to make the town more accessible.

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The survey looked into many issues like housing, transportation and social participation among others. Of the 89 residents who participated in the survey which was open to the public, a majority of the surveyors were between 55 and 74 years of age.

“We certainly wanted to hear from everyone,” said Maren Luciani senior planner at Meraki Planning, the company that conducted the survey on behalf of the town.

The survey was for anyone to fill out, as the age-friendly plan will not only benefit seniors but also should help make the town more accessible to everyone according to Luciani.

With the survey closing last week, there is still plenty to do, after compiling the results the town will take them to prepare the next level of engagement which will be in-person sessions, according to Luciani.

There will be two in-person sessions within the town where citizens will be able to drop in and give more feedback based on survey results and any other information to further help find the needs of seniors and make the town more accessible to all. The town will use these to further develop an action plan that will associate with the age-friendly needs assessment.

A prize draw was also something offered to those who filled out the survey and the winner of that will be announced at an upcoming council meeting.

More information and future input opportunities:

Questions about the project? Contact Development Services at 250-295-3135 or