Mosquito control takes to the air

Mosquito control takes to the air

Added pressure on the Mosquito Control Program as crews try to treat flooded properties

Recent weather patterns and the resulting flooding issues have put added pressure on the Mosquito Control Program as crews try to treat properties in areas ‘overflowing’ with flood water.

The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen said many regular treatment spots are inaccessible due to hazardous conditions exacerbated by expanded flooding.

Since 1974, the RDOS Nuisance Mosquito Control Program typically runs between mid-May into late August. However, this year is far from average.

To better serve residents and maximize resources the regional district will be deploying crews by helicopter on Friday, May 19 to broadcast the larvicide from the air. They will be accessing areas of greatest need in the South Okanagan-Similkameen. The agility of the helicopter allows crews to treat precisely where needed and avoid properties that are not registered with the program.

Protect Yourself

The RDOS said this year, it is very important to be proactive around your own house and property. Mend screens and reduce sources of standing water on your property. Clean and unclog eaves-troughs and gutters and remove water from any depressions on your roof or driveway. Refresh pet dishes and birdbaths daily. Remove any standing water from items such as tires, pails, tarps, boats, hot tub and pool covers.

If you are sensitive to mosquito bites, take precautions to wear protective clothing (long sleeves, or coverings) and keep deterrents on hand.

If you have never had standing water previous to this season, but are experiencing flooding now and wish to have the Mosquito Control Program visit your site, contact:

Cindy Boehm, Program Lead at 250-490-4142. Leave your name, civic address and phone number, and a representative will call you.