Mayoral candidate Rosemary Doughty

Rosemary Doughty feels that Princeton is due for a change.

Rosemary Doughty

Rosemary Doughty

Rosemary Doughty came to Princeton in 1997. She worked with Interior Health Authority running the Cindy Parolin Safe Homes Program and as a the Public Victim Service Manager until the end of October, 2009.

Doughty has experience working in the immigration sector and is currently employed as an administrative assistant at the Princeton and District Community Skills Centre.

Doughty feels that she has developed a great deal of knowledge and understanding of community needs on many levels; family, legal, trauma, immigration and employment to name a few—her career has given her experience in all of these areas.

“I believe that Princeton is long overdue for a change,” she said. Doughty said she feels this quite strongly and needed to throw her hat in the ring—and step up to the plate.

Although Doughty has no prior experience serving on council, she does have an understanding of the municipal process.

Processes can be learned, said Doughty, “character, honesty, integrity and strong ethics are much more difficult to learn.”

If elected as mayor, Doughty says that she will be available and accessible to the community. She offers the ability to listen to concerns and is goal orientated and will work hard to achieve the goals of this community.

“There are a lot of issues going on that the mayor needs to be involved in,”  she said. Working with the Save Our Hospital Coalition, improving the quality of life for our seniors, improving infrastructure, road improvements, affordable housing–—the list goes on. “I want to dedicate myself to this.”

Doughty believes that being cooperative is a standard when serving on council and is necessary for serving the greater good. She says she believes in win/win effort that needs to be adhered to at all times. Should conflict arise Doughty said,  “It will be my mandate to work effectively and cooperatively to accelerate positive outcomes over personal conflicts in order to serve the common good.”

If elected, Doughty plans to be a proactive mayor, acting between the town office and the community for a unified relationship.

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