Letter: Citizens’ forum proposed in lead up to election

Letter: Citizens’ forum proposed in lead up to election

What does Princeton think of this idea?

To the editor

A recent issue featured a piece about Facebook and the challenges that social media brings to councils in BC.

I think much of the frustration evidenced on Facebook comes from the lack of opportunity for citizens to talk face-to-face about items of interest. I’d like to propose a forum where Princeton residents can talk about the things that concern them.

I propose to set up a “Princeton Citizens’ Forum.” It would meet once a month on the second Sunday of each month, 2pm to 4 pm, from January to October. I’ve booked the Meeting Room next to the Library for these Forums.

Our municipal election is in October, and the Forum would be a place where any candidate could present their ideas for the next council. Election Day will also feature a referendum on the voting methods used in BC. Attorney General Eby will shortly be proposing the wording of the referendum and there will be mail-in ballots. I’d like to devote at least one Forum to discussion about how the new system would work.

I hope that reporters for the Spotlight will attend these meetings and share some of the ideas that get talked about.

Jon Bartlett