Hedley votes in favour of cell service

A non-binding opinion poll was held by the RDOS to find out residents opinion on having a cell tower installed in the community.

Hedley residents showed support for a cell tower to be installed in their community in a big way on Saturday, Aug. 10.

One hundred and forty three of 165 residents voted ‘yes’ in a non-binding opinion poll held by the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen. All residents of Hedley including  members of the Upper Similkameen Indian Band who live within the proposed tower’s service area were invited to participate in the poll.

The poll was held to “assist involved parties in better understanding the disposition of Hedley residents towards the construction of a monopole cellular tower.”

Neil MacLeod and the group of residents who worked diligently to get information out to the public in favour of the tower are “feeling splendid,” with the turn out of residents and with the results of the poll.

Director of Area G Angelique Wood says she is, “pleased that such a large number of people took the time to vote on an issue that will impact their daily lives,” and she “looks forward to future meetings with Telus over this issue.” She also states that she is, “pleased that the poll resulted in a resounding direction given by the community as there were flaws in the petitions made by citizens which made their credibility questionable.”

Director Wood is schedule to discuss the monopole with the director of Implementation and Operations, Jennifer Connor and Doug Anasto on Tuesday, August 13.