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Flooding stranded Tulameen residents for days

Coalmont Road has been rebuilt to one lane, allowing people to leave

Residents of the small but popular resort community of Tulameen have been essentially stranded since flood waters ravaged their town earlier this week, washing out access roads.

Tuesday, Nov. 16 groceries and other supplies were helicoptered into the town of 200, and some residents were being housed in the community hall after their homes were flooded.

“It’s just one lane right now,” said Bob Coyne, director of Area H for the Regional Distinct of Okanagan Similkameen.

“(Crews) went in their yesterday with materials and they built a road. It’s just one lane right now,” said Bob Coyne, director of Area H for the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen.

There is no landline phone service in Tulameen “because the telephone line is under the river” and Tulameen does not have cellular service.

The only way to communicate with those in the community is electronically, he said.

Coyne said all residents will receive printed packages today, which provide information regarding the evacuation alert issued earlier this morning, and direction regarding safety and water protocols.

“They have a crew of more Ground Search and Rescue People than you have ever seen in your life in one place right now, going door to door,” said Coyne.

He urged people who own recreation properties in Tulameen and Coalmont, and are not currently in residence, “to stay out of the way for a week. Let people get their work done.”

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