Fifth starving horse rescued from Princeton

Cricket is the fifth horse to be surrendered by the same man in Princeton.

Peaches’ daughter Cricket is the latest horse to be rescued from an owner in Princeton.

She is the fifth starving horse to be saved this month from a man who wasn’t feeding them nearly enough.

But the young horse is doing better than her mother – who was taken in by a rescue organization weighing less than half of what she should.

Photos of Peaches show bones protruding through her skin.

“She is in better shape then the others but she too needs some filling in,” said Joey Tompkins, president of the BC Interior Rescue Society.

Unlike the other horses, Cricket may be pregnant. A veterinarian is coming in this week to check.

Being pregnant isn’t good for horses who have been malnourished because they need all the strength they can get, Tompkins said.

Peaches and the other horses will be up for adoption in the next several months.