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Coyote kills 2 dogs in West Kelowna, injures third

Coyotes are out and about and hungry at this time of year
A hungry coyote attacked three dogs in West Kelowna (stock photo)

Coyotes are hungry and small pets may be on the menu if left unattended.

Dr. Oz of RoseValley Vet said, that a coyote climbed into a fenced in yard in West Kelowna and attacked three small dogs. Two of the dogs died but Dr. Oz and his team were able to save one pup.

He said that the survivor has recieved X-rays, medication and is now in stable condition at home. The dog’s owner has been instructed to call the clinic twice a day to give updates until they’re healed, just to be safe.

Dr. Oz stated that because the usual prey for coyotes are still snuggled in their hibernation holes, the canines have gone on the hunt for other small animals. He suggests owners keep their pets inside, walk dogs on a leash and supervise them when they are playing in the yard.

Coyotes are typically timid around humans and will run off if they spot you nearby. If a coyote is getting too close for comfort Dr. Oz said to yell and make noise to scare them away.

It’s coyote mating season from late January to mid-March and will produce an average of five pups in April to mid-May.

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