Court hears how drugs ruined young man’s life

Court hears how drugs ruined young man’s life

A Princeton man’s life has been ruined by drugs.

That’s according to Cody Wilson’s defense attorney, who negotiated a plea deal on three charges in Princeton court last Thursday which sent the 26-year-old back to prison for 75 extra days.

“Prior to being incarcerated Mr. Wilson was residing with his mom and dad,” said Michael Patterson. “Prior to being incarcerated he was working for eight to nine years…Mr. Wilson’s life took a turn for the worse one night when he met a young woman who introduced him to drugs. Since then Mr. Wilson’s habit and addiction to drugs has only gotten worse.”

Wilson pleaded guilty to mischief, and possession of stolen property and breach of recognizance, related to separate events.

He admitted to being on Princeton Summerland Road January 18, 2018, when a garage door was pried open.

Neighbours and RCMP used footprints in the snow to discover the crime, court heard.

In May, he was approached by police in Summerland after he attended a crisis medical clinic and said he was going to steal a car, drive to Penticton and ingest enough drugs to kill him.

When he was taken into custody under the mental health act he was found in possession of three vehicle registration documents that did not belong to him, and a gram of methamphetamine, according to crown counsel Ann Lerchs.

Court heard Wilson was facing a jail sentence in connection with another matter, and did not want to be incarcerated.

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He was found guilty in February on two counts of possessing prohibited weapons and was later sentenced to 30 months in jail. He is still serving that sentence.

Wilson told the court he has completed an addiction workshop while in prison, and is working on other improvements. “I do want to go to drug counselling and I want to do a one year treatment. I don’t think three months would be enough.”

Wilson’s parents were present in Princeton court, and Judge Michelle Daneliuk noted their support is a positive indication that Wilson can turn his life around.

“I think if you apply yourself to what your plan is today…I think you have every chance of being successful.”

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