Michelle Cole (far right

Coalmont Hotel Centennial celebration

The Coalmont Hotel turned 100 this year. Michelle Cole decided to throw one heck of a party.

Standing for 100 years in her small community, the Coalmont Hotel has lasted through a century of parties, prohibition, acted as a theatre, housed a barbershop and was home to many throughout her lifetime.

Michelle Cole took out a lease on the hotel earlier this year and reopened for business just in time for the 100th Anniversary in April. She has had the saloon open since then and has been working hard to renovate and fix the hotel up. “I put everything I make back into her,” Cole said. “I love her (the hotel), I love Coalmont and I don’t want to loose her, I feel at home here,” she adds.

Cole wants the hotel to become successful again so the owner won’t decide to just shut it down for good.

Cole operates the saloon daily from noon to 2 a.m., and Sundays noon until midnight. Saturday evening dinners are served at 7 p.m. and Cole will provide special catering for groups as well.

There is no need to worry about a place to stay if you have taken in one too many spirits. For a small donation you can spend the night in one of the historic rooms available.

Generating ideas to create an interest in the hotel brought about the idea of a huge party, and what better party to have, than a birthday party. Cole brought her idea forward to other residents and “everybody loved it,” she said.

Plans then moved forward for a summer bash to mark the Coalmont Hotel’s centennial year.

During July 27 and 28 Coalmont quadrupled in population with a few hundred visitors to the Coalmont Hotel. Entertainment was provided by New Fish, a Celtic band out of Vancouver, Elvis entered the building when Tulameen’s very own Darrell Douglas arrived and guests were treated to surprise songstress-—Coalmont’s own darling Terry.

Volunteers headed up by, as Cole said “the amazing Ken Reeve,” cooked prepared and served dinner to the party goers for hours on Saturday night.

Cole is extremely pleased with the success of the celebration and very grateful to her sponsors and volunteers.