A special dedication is held during Princeton Racing Days weekend

Princeton Exhibition and Racing Days Associations honour the memory of long time member and former president, John Bey.

Ruby Bey along with her children; daughter Sharon and son Allen, revealed the silhouette of John Bey which was added to the Memory Wall on Saturday, June 28.

The Memory Wall, located on the front of main building on the Exhibition Grounds is dedicated to the hard working volunteers both past, present and to the memory of those whom have passed on.

The silhouette was hand crafted by Terry Wright on behalf of the Princeton Racing Days and Princeton Exhibition Associations. (PXA)

John Bey was dedicated to the Princeton Exhibition Grounds and the groups associated, especially the Racing Days Association. He spent countless hours donating not only his time, but his own equipment as well. Although John retired from Racing Days (sort of) in 2012, he still did some volunteering right up until shortly before his passing in October of 2013.

On Saturday, Karrie Crucil, president of Princeton Racing Days and Paul Bedard, president of the PXA, welcomed numerous family members, friends and associates of John Bey to the commemoration ceremony.

“John Bey left a huge footprint, hours and hours of work to this facility. We thank you for joining us to honour him,” said president Bedard.

The Bey family also made a presentation on Saturday.

The Mack Truck (5th wheel custom built for gate transfer and equipped with   a dump box) that John had used for work on the PXA grounds and for hauling the starting gate from and back to Osoyoos each year for Racing Days, was presented to the PXA.

“Dad was dedicated to this place,” said Allen and Sharon. Allen adds, “We knew this truck was needed here, so we (Ruby, Sharon and Allen) decided to give the truck, dedicated in Dad’s memory.”

Prior to the dedication, the family decided to have the truck fixed up. It was completely restored and painted thanks to the help of Rick Verbakel, Terry Wright and his daughter as well as Bey family and friends. “Everybody helped,” said Allen.

Presidents Crucil and Bedard extended their heartfelt appreciation on behalf of all the member groups of the PXA.

“It will benefit everyone,” said president Crucil, “Thank you.”

“It’s a beautiful truck,” added president Bedard, “I’m sure we’ll find plenty of work to do with it.”

Although John has physically left this world, the words written on posters on either side of the truck describe the feeling among those present—“John’s still working for the PXA.”