95 students amazed by fun filled literacy race

An event organized by literacy coordinator, Dierra Maynard teaches kids life skills, while they think they are just having fun.

Danica Bargholz

Danica Bargholz

The second annual Amazing Literacy Race was held in Princeton on Thursday, May 8.

95 students from Vermilion Forks Elementary School along with the help and support of local businesses and a team of volunteers participated in literary challenges during the day long event.

A scavenger hunt at the Princeton Museum took students through a Princeton History Mystery.

At the Princeton and District Skills Center a career game challenge ensued taking the students from Geeks to Technology Gods.

At the Princeton Water Park, the students were educated in Pool Safety and participated in a physical challenge.

The Art Smart Challenge saw the students put specific words into a poem or short story.

Fortis returned to the Amazing Race this year to teach students about saving energy, and about gas meter safety. Something to remember was, “If it’s not in use, you are to cut the juice.”

Valley First presented a crash course in income, sensible spending and how to create a budget to the participants. Each of the eight teams were given $20 to spend at Cooper’s Foods to shop for a budget-friendly yet healthy meal.

The purchases made went back to Valley First for donation to Feed the Valley and Princeton Crisis Assistance Society.

“Valley First – Feed the Valley is a great connection,” says coordinator Dierra Maynard.

“It helps the students develop social consciousness—and to understand that literacy is not just reading and writing. It is about life skills as well.”

The students enjoyed lunch, ice cream (donated by Foothills Creamery) and playtime in the park, went home with 2 books each from 1st Books Canada and goodies (prizes) from Valley First and Cooper’s Foods.

Maynard extends a huge amount of thanks to the Town of Princeton for their support and the use of Veterans Square, and to the volunteers and businesses for their assistance in making the event a huge success.