Candidate has inside track when it comes to council procedures

Candidate has inside track when it comes to council procedures

Political newcomer Barb Gould has an inside track when it comes to understanding local government.

Gould, who is currently the services assistant at the Princeton RCMP attachment, worked previously for 11 years at town hall as a administration and accounting clerk.

“I have an understanding of the processes, how council meetings run. I also have an understanding of the chain of authority. One person can’t evoke change. You have to work as a team. You have to work as a team with common interests to a common goal.”

Gould’s role at the RCMP involves supporting members, reviewing files, researching and implementing policies at the detachment level, and enforcing best practices. In the past she acted as a leader and trainer for others in similar positions, and until recently was the union shop steward and vice-president.

She also works at the front counter, dealing with the public, and sometimes those situations are stressful.

“They can be for sure. It can also be you are dealing with people at a time when they are in crisis and it’s important to be able to help them in a respectful way and not be reactive.”

There are parallels to her former position with the town.

“It’s researching and finding out: can you do this? Basically the council sets policy by bylaw. In order to set the relevant and correct policy you have to review what the existing policy is and what the needs are and what you are allowed to do within the local government act and community charter.”

Because of her job with RCMP, Gould is probably the only candidate who had to get permission from the Public Services Commission in order to run for council.

“I am bound by my values and ethics continually, every day.”

Gould has considered a run at town council for at least two elections, but held off because of her commitment to her family.

She is married to Aaron. They have a daughter attending university and a son who plays competitive hockey in Kelowna.

“My kids don’t need me as much now, for sure. I have more time.”

Gould said she is interested in learning more about the many issues being raised by other candidates.

“I’m not running because I am dissatisfied with anyone, but I think people should have a choice.”

Fiscal responsibility, infrastructure expansion and maintenance, and more housing for seniors top her priority list.

She is still considering the current pool proposal.

“I would love to have a pool. My whole life we have wanted an indoor facility. But this one I still have lots of questions about that I’m looking into. I would support a pool if we could sustain it and we could prove that we could sustain it and I’m still trying to find that information.”

Gould believes “a consultative process” is needed to address the issues surrounding KVR use.

“I am a trail user. My family likes to go riding and I would love to see if you could make it work where you are not doing it at the expense of [any group.]”

The candidate was born and raised in Princeton.

“I love Princeton. I am proud to be from Princeton and I just want to see it grow in a positive way.”

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