A summer solstice celebration

Classical music floats through the evening like a dragonfly that doesn’t want to land, but rather wants to meander through the warm night. Summer solstice is only three days away. It is June 18. Rich flavourful smells fill the air. The river rushes underneath. Cutlery clatters cheerfully on plates full of culinary delights. Wine flows. Laughter and good conversation rumble.

  • Apr. 5, 2011 4:00 p.m.
Dinner on the Bridge: Vermilion Trails Society along with Princeton Rotary will host an extraordinary evening with a dinner on the Bridge of Dreams.

Dinner on the Bridge: Vermilion Trails Society along with Princeton Rotary will host an extraordinary evening with a dinner on the Bridge of Dreams.

It is not a dream, but rather a summer solstice celebration that will be remembered long after the tables and chairs are put away and the dishes are washed.  The Vermilion Trails Society is joining with their Two Rivers Park partner the Princeton Rotary club to bring together an extraordinary evening of dining on the Bridge of Dreams.  A multiple course dinner will be one of the highlights of the event, under the competent hands of Thomasina and Jerome from Thomasina’s Tea Room and Bread Shoppe, but there will be others.  Musical performances and a few poignant speeches will help keep the guests entertained.

A silent auction will keep things interesting, but why?  Why is this event happening?  Following the success of the “Tree of Life” mosaic which hangs proudly on the outside of Riverside Centre and the “Guardians” mosaic which now holds center stage in the library foyer, the Vermilion Trails Society decided to keep the momentum going and fundraise for another piece of art.  This latest artistic enterprise will be created at the hands of two local artists.  Robin Lowe who is known for the beautiful glass work and Mark Wong who is know for his creative metal work are going to join forces to  give Two Rivers Park a centerpiece that will be as unique as it is incredible.

The last year has been a very successful one for the Vermilion Trails Society.  Last April, VTS celebrated the Grand Opening of the Bridge of Dreams which was a replacement bridge for the train bridge which once bridged more than a river, but two rail lines.  VTS also was able to secure funding to light the Kettle Valley Rail Trail through the township from the Bridge of Dreams to the Princeton Tunnel.  The society was able to renovate the 123 slide area.  It has gone from an area of constant concern to the club to a source of pride and ingenuity.  Two Rivers Park received an extreme makeover with many new perennial plantings.  Topsoil was spread evenly across its face and new grass seed planted in the late fall.

The summer solstice celebration will celebrate summer in style and also, the new lighting along the trail, the new lighting on the bridge, the unveiling of a Two Rivers Park sign and a new partnership.  Vermilion Trails Society along with the Rotary Club welcome the Princeton Arts Council to their inner circle to work in unison to make a legacy for the Town of Princeton, the residents and the Two Rivers Park.  Kim Maynard Vermilion Trails Society President said of the event, “this dinner will be for the whole town in a way.  The trail, the bridge, the park are all of ours.  VTS really hopes that the community will support our fundraising dinner and purchase tickets to enjoy an evening like no other.  The members are very excited to be given this opportunity.”

A request for endorsement from the Town was submitted earlier in the month of March and was met with an extremely positive response.