EDITORIAL: Garbage is a pretty big part of our lives here in Princeton

EDITORIAL: Garbage is a pretty big part of our lives here in Princeton

The new hours at the Princeton landfill site, introduced earlier this year, have left some people down in the dumps.

That’s evident from conversations in coffee shops and – sigh – on social media.

For many years the landfill was open five days a week, Saturday to Wednesday, and statutory holidays excepting Christmas, New Year’s and Easter Sunday.

Under a new contract the facility is open April through October Tuesday to Saturday, and closed for all stats.

The lack of access to the landfill on Sundays has been a source of frustration to seasonal residents and weekend visitors who need to do something with their waste before heading back to the city.

Effective November 1 and for five months, the landfill will be open just Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

That’s going to take some getting used to for many users and there may be consequences.

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Illegal dumping is already a concern for the community. Further reduced landfill hours, coupled with tipping fee increases also introduced this spring, can only worsen that problem.

It was an unusual year for bears in the area, and throughout B.C..

Unsecured garbage was the main attractant for bears that wandered through residential streets and backyards, causing alarm and sometimes panic.

Garbage is a pretty big part of people’s lives here.

The cost of dealing with waste disposal and recycling is increasing for city governments everywhere.

Taxpayers need to decide what they are willing to pay for these essential services.

They also need to consider which concessions they are willing to make in their own lifestyles and habits to deal with their own crap.

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