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Jump the Planet rocks hometown Princeton

Princeton’s hard rock-alternative band Jump the Planet played for hometown fans on St. Patrick’s Day.
Princeton’s Jump the Band played in town on St. Patrick’s Day at the Legion Hall. The four rockers will be touring around western Canada this summer

Princeton’s hard rock-alternative band Jump the Planet played for hometown fans on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17.

But the group is no longer just known to locals - they have toured throughout B.C. and have gigs planned for music festivals this summer.

Jump the Planet started in 2008 when three musicians began looking for talented and motivated local people.

Another member was later added to the band, to spice up the sound.

“Growing up in a small town like Princeton influenced the way we play because we didn’t get distracted by mainstream music. We just played what we felt,” said Kevin Hargrave, on drums and vocals.

The local band also features Cam O’Flage (vocals/guitar), Barry M. (bass) and Jason Yates (guitar/vocals).

“[Jump the Planet] has drawn on influences of classic rock, punk, blues, and reggae with a Detroit edge, producing a synergy of an original hard rock/alternative sound,” the band’s Facebook page says.

“We didn’t have to always be concerned about what other people thought - it was up to us to create what we liked.”

Hargrave said it was a bit of a struggle finding local people with the same level of desire to play music.

“It’s cool to find people you have chemistry with - all from the same area.”

The band’s members range in age from 29 to 52 - something Hargrave said is hard to find in bands from larger cities.

All members have  day jobs right now, but they would like to be able to put more time towards their music.

The four recently recorded three demo-quality songs at a studio in Chilliwack. Their next goal is to produce a proper album.

“I do most of the work myself, from booking to cold calling, to handing out flyers and begging people I know to give us a chance.”

Jump the Planet will be touring throughout western Canada this summer, including a stop at the Okanagan Fest-of-Ale in Penticton from April 13 to 14 and other concerts along the way.