High water safety measures

Princeton's Mayor, Randy McLean gives message regarding high water safety.

We are at the beginning of the spring run-off, and we have a higher than normal snow pack as well as temperatures that have been rising very slowly. In discussion with ministry officials, we have been advised that although they are not expecting flood conditions, sudden high temperatures and or heavy rainfall could alter that assessment. In order to undertake normal safety measures, our administration is initiating meetings with key emergency response agencies to consider the analysis and preparedness of emergency planning and stockpiling of supplies. I would take this opportunity to advise parents that the river at high water is not the normal safe place to play that it usually is. As well, pet owners whose animals normally go for a swim in the river should be avoiding it for the next few weeks. Town and area residents with equipment or material stored next to the rivers or streams may want to move them a little further away in case of higher water levels.

On a much more positive note, have you observed the look of the trail between the bridges during the evening? The lights look fantastic and there is more work to come with the proposed lighting of the Bridge of Dreams. Congratulations to the trail committee and the contractors who are making our town look that much more attractive. Other Gamestown funded projects are nearing completion, the town crew has installed the new playground equipment at Rotary Park, the basketball court enhancement at Riverside Center continues with the completion of the improved lighting for evening shooting and as well it seems the bike park is ready for action.

The clean-up in the former post and rail plant area near the tunnel is scheduled to begin next week and, with the rezoning and the notification to the crown which owns the area, we are hopeful that the days of industrial activity on that acreage are at an end. Together with the pending subdivision interest for the Similkameen Avenue area and the trail enhancement we are moving from the old industrial tunnel vision to the residential vision that was put forward by community members during our Official Community Plan. Hopefully, we can continue to transform that entire area as well as the entire community to achieve the ultimate vision that the OCP spoke to.