Council hears ideas from members of the community

Two concerned citizens came to council on Monday to present their ideas to help with community promotion.

Local author

Local author

The March 17 regular meeting of council began with two proposals from concerned citizens of Princeton.

Local author and mine employee, Robert A. Hunt presented plans for a beachfront attraction for both locals and tourists. His project statement, “If they stop—they will shop.” He came to council outfitted with plans including pictures in order to share his proposal. Council submitted the proposal to Lyle Thomas, director of recreation and cultural services for further consideration.

Mayor Armitage thanked Hunt for his presentation, “On behalf of the community, thank you for coming forward.”

John Sandness, also a local author and long-time community contributor came to Council with a proposal as well. “I’ve had this bee in my bonnet for years now, “ said Sandness. He spoke of community development and the great strength that lays within our “superb natural resource base.”

We get people to stop he says, “now we need to give them something that tells them what to do.”

“Explore Princeton —Prospects are good”

This is the heading on a sign Sandness designed including a depiction of a  prospector and mule. He pointed out that a good location is ideal for such a sign, noting that time is needed also to make up your mind. His suggestion for this particular sign would be to place at the tailings just outside of town along the long stretch of Highway 3 East.

He also suggested having cut-out boards characterizing horses, gold panners, etc. to be placed in opportune areas so that visitors could take photos as mementos.

As well as cut-out boards, Sandness suggested that signage needed to be well spaced and could include instructions as to where to get gold pans, where to go fishing and even “phone John for your flies.”  The later statement was met with a bout of laughter within the room.

On a serious note, Sandness said he had been inspired by the Bears Fruit Stand bear on the hill outside of Keremeos and that “we should take a lesson from it.”

Mayor Armitage again extended his thanks on behalf of the community, “Thank you John, we appreciate you bringing this idea forward.

Council went on to provide their individual committee reports before moving on to the next item on the agenda.

Councillor Kim Maynard motioned and it was seconded by Councillor Harkness  to accept the 2014 Council Priorities. The motion was carried unanimously.

The Council Priorities for 2014 are: Public access to the dykes, Urban Deer management program, Road improvement program, Old Hedley Road improvements, Parks, Recreation and Culture­­—Aquatic service options and mapping infrastructure. For a more detailed description of these priorities, please visit