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Chilly duck flies off after some tender loving care at Kelowna job site

The little mallard warmed up and got snacks in a work trailer near Okanagan College
James Isadore helped a chilly duck regain its strength before releasing it back outside. (James Isadore/Submitted)

A duck happily waddled away after warming up in a trailer on a job site in Kelowna.

James Isadore was working near Okanagan College when he saw a male mallard curled up in the snow.

He said that the duck was barely moving in the unseasonably cold -20C weather.

He gently picked up the duck and brought him into his company’s work trailer to warm up.

Isadore made a little nest for the fowl in a box and his coworker fed the duck tiny bits of food.

After a few hours the duck began to regain its strength and started moving around and making noise. Once it seemed ready, Isadore released the duck. He said it waddled a few feet before flying away.

“It is a pleasant feeling to help out nature when it is required,” said Isadore.


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