A spooktacular evening event

Superheroes, princesses, spooks and ghouls converged on the grounds of the PXA last Saturday evening.

Little Justice Michaud and his grandpa (Grumple) Rick VanSkiver

Little Justice Michaud and his grandpa (Grumple) Rick VanSkiver

Superheroes, princesses, spooks and ghouls converged on the grounds of the PXA last Saturday evening.

What began as idle chit chat between local Fall Fair members Keith Olsen, Jennifer Bernard and Dawne Graves, soon grew into a plan of action for a Halloween Family Fun Night, sponsored by the Princeton & District Agricultural Fall Fair.

Dawne Graves and Jennifer Bernard, took off like rockets with planning, contacting sponsors, arranging volunteers and prize donations—all within a three week time period. “The response from the community has been amazing,” said Graves, “It’s outstanding how positive everyone has been.”

Huge sponsorship came forward from Coopers Foods, Copper Mountain Operating Company Ltd., Princeton Rotary, Princeton Weyerhaeuser, Brad Hope-RDOS Regional Director Area H, Jodi Woodford and the Tulameen Fire Department and Dawne Kastor – Princeton Loonie Bin/Bakery.

The sponsorships/donations made the evening possible by providing funding for the purchase of fireworks, prizes and decorations. Decorations, prizes, food and candy were donated as well.

Residents were bussed to and from the PXA grounds courtesy of Lynch Bus Lines, with thanks to Ann Heuser for donating her time to do so.

The evening was filled with food cooked and served by the “Double J Psychos Concession Crew, (Perfectly Sane Young Cooks Handing Out Smiles), activities and fun for all ages.

Princeton Highway Extrication along with Mayor Randy McLean, had a great time with the youngsters sending them through a Three Legged Race Course. The Apple Chomp, manned by Megan Liddicoat and Doug Bernard had the giggling kids chasing apples on a string. Lisa Carleton creeped and grossed out children and adults alike with her gooey 12 Spook Boxes guessing game. FortisBC PowerSense Division provided a great display including a Light-up Bike and gave out information on energy savings as well as a few energy saving treats. (ie: weather stripping, caulking)

Chris Nordquist provided the opportunity to get a few zombies with the “Zombie Shoot Game,” and the final game of the evening was the Scavenger Hunt sending participants all over the grounds to locate items and win prizes.

The Princeton Volunteer Fire Department took care of the awesome bonfire and Andrew (Drew) Nordquist  put on an incredible fireworks display.

Volunteers from Princeton BC Ambulance Services, Princeton Secondary School’s Cheerleading squad, PSS Leadership Class as well as Jim and Judy Short, pitched in and helped out in any way they could for the evening.

During the three hour Family fun Night, the community donated 2 large boxes of food to the local food bank, $211.16 to the Princeton Volunteer Fire Department and $105.68 to the PSS Cheerleading Squad.

Bernard and Graves are extremely pleased with the amount of community support they received and are looking forward to next year already. Mayor Randy McLean commended their and the volunteers accomplishment, “this is absolutely fantastic, what a great evening!”

Plans for the revival of the Princeton Spook House are well underway already. If you have any Halloween items that you no longer want or need, please consider donating them to the Spook House.

Donations will be accepted at The Similkameen Spotlight Office at 282 Bridge Street.