Stop the election I want to get off

Stop the election I want to get off

Most journalists are political beasts to be sure.

Any election – municipal, provincial or federal – can aptly be described as feeding time at the zoo.

This vote – which will mercifully be over in four days – is certainly no exception and it’s not a stretch to say it has exceeded expectations.

Justin Trudeau is wearing Kevlar to rallies, just about everybody in the country has been accused of being a racist at some point, and there’s been the requisite dollops of scandal as well as much spin.

Stop the election. I want to get off.

Every campaign period begins with such promise. Come the home stretch, when the candidates and the press and the public at large are exhausted and stumbling towards the finish line, a person can be forgiven for considering the ballot as choosing the lesser of who cares.

Does that sound cynical?

An election is analogous to giving birth. (It is, especially for me, having done so four times each roughly four years apart.)

It a long painful process and by the time voting day….er…birthing day arrives, a woman barely has the strength to see it through. At a particular point she becomes disinterested in the outcome.

Is it a boy or a girl?

It doesn’t freaking matter anymore. Someone reach inside there with a melonballer and get this kid out of me.

Over the course of two-and-a-half-days on the Thanksgiving weekend The Spotlight received 30 emails directly related to the election – 21 from political parties and the balance from a variety of interest of groups.

Also, there is an ad for award winning E -Liquid from a vaping company (my order is apparently waiting) and a notification of 15 new Pins on Pinterest about Hamburger Helper.

Friday we received an email from someone in the United States urging the paper to investigate the tax history of one of our local candidates.

Like human reproduction, elections are important and our very survival is determined by their outcomes.

An oft repeated line is that it doesn’t matter who you vote for so long as you vote, but of course that is nonsense.

For all the venting above it matters terribly who you vote for. There are differences between the local candidates, the party leaders and their policies.

Not that you could tell that from The Spotlight’s inbox.

If you missed the advance polls get out on October 21 and exercise your freedom to vote.

Also, if someone could stop by the office and give me an epidural before then, that would be awesome.

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