Anyplace, anywhere, anytime

Michael MacDonald, a retired but not tired local begins his own business.

Die-hard driver

Die-hard driver

“Anyplace, anywhere,  anytime,” states Michael MacDonald of Lonestar Enterprises – Hot Shot Service.

MacDonald is speaking in terms of his availability to his clients.  He is retired, “but not tired,” he says, “I mean how long can you watch NCIS for—sitting at home drives me nuts!”

Married for 25 years, MacDonald and his wife Johanna,  drove truck professionally across North America for 20 years together. Twelve years ago, they settled locally.

MacDonald has worked long and hard to develop his own business, one that would not only serve as a benefit to the community, but to include his love of driving the roads as well.

Along with support from his “lovely wife,” MacDonald says, “my very good friend,  Doug Richter has helped me get to where I am today.”

Equipment including a 25’ deck, (eight tonne limit) enables MacDonald to haul hay, straw, wood,  and steel. Have you got an old clunker vehicle you need removed from your property? —give MacDonald a call, he’ll pick it up at no cost to you.

Off road recovery, wide load and pilot car services as well as snow removal services are additional features of Lonestar Enterprises – Hot Shot Service.

To reach MacDonald,  call 250-295-0420.  Reasonable rates and friendly service, will have you ‘come as a customer and leave as a friend.’