They ran fast

The fastest students tied up their runners and blasted off of the start line at the Collettville Cross Country Challenge.

The fastest students tied up their runners, put aside their jitters and blasted off of the start line at the Collettville Cross Country Challenge.  Each year, those who trained during their lunch hours for the annual competition head to Merritt to compete.  It is a challenge that many of the students look forward to with a mixture of trepidation and exhilaration.

“This was the biggest group of runners that the two schools have had in some years and their enthusiasm was great,” stated running coach and principal Barry Clarke “The weather was perfect for the run and the two hilly courses set out were well-suited to the age groups involved.  Our students placed well and better than that – all finished the course without injury.”


Collettville Cross Country Results:

1999 Boys

1. Cole Martindale

2. Nic Cimbaro

5. Klayton Kent


00 Boys

1.Norm Anderson

12. Grant Yee

13.Nathan Silbenagel

17. Glen Hornslien


01 Boys

1.Austin O’Neil

4. Matt Maynard

5. Liam Zieske

7. Josh Warren

10. Quinn Clarke

11. Jayden Simon

12. Case Brodie

13. Aaron Pasco


02 Boys

15. Jake Sandli

17. Dylan Adam

19. Silas Cathro

23. Trenton Vegara


1999 Girls

McKenna Burstall



3. Jessica Parker

8.Danika Sulentich



3. Haruka Abe

13. Sylvie Druck

29. Talia Easy

“I really appreciate the staff and Posse players that came out and helped to supervise,” concluded  Clarke.