Summer ski training takes to the highways

Professional cross-country skier trains on summer roads.

You would think training during the summer would be a bit difficult for a professional skier, but not so for Canadian professional cross country skiier, Phil Shaw.

Shaw, a 45 year old athlete from Quebec, is training his way throughout Canada this summer, returning home in mid-September.

Sporting ski poles and gliding through the streets on skis with wheels (roller skiing), Shaw is training in the mornings,  afternoons and evenings, visiting with people in the various communities he stays in, spreading his message of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

“I want to encourage young Canadians to become active, and to live a healthy life,” said Shaw during his stay in Princeton August 14 and 15 of this year.

Shaw says that he is a living testament to the sport of roller skiing, “it doesn’t twist or break your bones like other sports,” he said. At 45 years old he wants to be at the same performance level at 60 years old and believes he could be just as strong and healthy then as he is now.

Shaw wants to see young Canadians “become passionate about roller skiing or any sport” for that matter. “Stick with your sport for at least a month, and you will develop a passion for it,” he said. A pre-requisite for the sport would be to be at ease on cross country skis and snow, ” you will need ski skills to roller ski,” added Shaw. He also said that everyone could learn the sport.

In Princeton, a great, safe place to roller ski could be along the trail from the Bridge to the tunnel or along any paved portion of the KVR.

Shaw enjoyed his visit to Princeton.  “Your Princeton is a beautiful community, if I win the lottery I’d like to buy a home here,” he said.

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