Similkameen Shotokan students were graded up to the next level by Sensei Joe Dixon.

Similkameen Shotokan students were graded up to the next level by Sensei Joe Dixon.

Princeton karate students learn from a master

Sensei Joe Dixon visited the Similkameen Shotokan Karate Club to grade students.

Sensei Joe Dixon taught Similkameen Shotokan Karate Club students martial arts moves and tested their skills.

The students practiced body mechanics, posture and how to properly use their hips. He also covered the principle of muscle compression and expansion.

“We utilized these principles in punching, blocking and kicking techniques,” said chief instructor Paul Bedard.

Ten students were graded using the Shotokan Karate format. The three “Ks” are tested: Kihon (basics), Kata (forms) and Kumite (sparring). The requirements progess with each level achieved.

The candidates started by demonstrating the basics required for each level, then progress to the kata that’s required.

Later, the students paired up to demonstrate the sparring required for their level.

“This is choreographed, starting with hand techniques and announced for the lower levels, progressing to both hand and foot techniques un-anounced for the more advanced levels,” Bedard said.

Free sparring isn’t done until black belt testing, which is only undertaken by masters at provincial seminars. B.C. only holds three a year, Bedard said.

One student is attempting black belt grading soon.

“We are quite excited about the opportunity to add another black belt to our dojo,” the coach said.

The students who were graded are:

Clayton Jung – 1st kuy brown belt, Lou Preston – 3B kyu brown belt, Billy Preston – 4B kyu purple belt, Jake McCutcheon – 7th kyu orange belt, David Gould – 7th kyu orange belt, Heather Johnson – 8th kyu yellow belt, Norm Druck -8th kyu yellow belt, Delta Coutu – 8th kyu yellow belt, Sylvie Druck 8th Kyu yellow belt and Kaelen Druck – 8th kyu yellow belt.