Princeton Game On Ice Carnival

The theme for this year's ice carnival was 'Game On' and game on it was from the moment the first pair of skates hit the ice. Fifty-three students of teacher Janelle Morcombe's showed the crowd that their lessons paid off big time in a big way. From start to finish, the carnival was fun to watch and caused more than a few moms and dads to beam with pride.

This year 20 CanSkaters

This year 20 CanSkaters

The Princeton Skating Club had 20 CanSkate students this year, 13 STAR Skate students, ten power skaters and ten adult skate students for a total of 53 skaters.  The ten ladies who joined the learn to skate adult program delighted the audience with their performance near the end of the show.  “Some of the women had never skated before,”said Morcombe “and some of them play ladies hockey and wanted to improve their skills, so there was a variety of levels in the program.  When I asked them to be a part of the show some of them were reluctant at first because the show is for the kids they said.  I told them that showing the kids that you can learn something new like skating at any age is for the kids.  It shows the kids and the community that you are never to old to learn something new or take up something you haven’t done for a while.  The ladies did awesome and I was super impressed.  I wasn’t sure if they would go for a performance in the show at first, but when they said yes it was really great.  They were nervous, but they were willing and they did a good job.”

CanSkate gained a lot of younger kids and the power skating program was new.  “A little bit of change is always good,”said Morcombe.  “The CanSkaters did so well. I was so proud of them.  The ages 3 to 5 skaters memorized that whole routine they did it all by themselves – their backwards skating and other basic skills.  They did really well during the show and that was really exciting to see.  The skaters pulled off their skating to the star routine and the little hockey fans routine without a hitch.  I hope to see them graduate up into the junior academy program.”

Only four of the ten power skating students were able to show off their skills at the carnival on Sunday.  “I  had just the four boys out,” said Morcombe.  “There are normally ten at the practices with a variety of skill levels and they have worked hard this year.   The kids are working through the CanSkate power skating program.  Talking with some of the parents, it is nice to hear that their basic skating skills are improving and that they are better able to focus on their hockey skills as a result of their improved skating skills.  They can focus on learning the actual game of hockey with their higher confidence in their skating abilities.  They kids who have stuck with it it are just getting better and better and it is enjoyable to see from my perspective,” Morcombe continued.  “It is really rewarding when I hear how it is helping them be better hockey players.”

Hope to keep growing and keep it going.

“I think the show went great,” concluded Morcombe about the day.  “With this club, the parents really pulled together and gave me the support I needed to do my job well.  The kids had a really enthusiastic crowd watching them and every move brought applause.  The community was very supportive during the performances.  It is scary for the kids and it helps them to hear all that applause.  I hope everybody enjoyed the show.   We hope we will have more skaters next year and an even better show yet.”

STAR Skaters did incredible too,” added Morcombe.  “Two of the girls did their first competition this year and did well I was really proud of them.   All five of the STAR Skate students were great leaders in the opening number and for the younger skaters performances.  I was really impressed.  I want them to be great leaders and hopefully those skills will transfer into others areas of their life.  They improved so so much this year that I am really blown away by how hard they worked and how much they improved.”   Morcombe hopes that STAR Skate students will do some more competitions next year.  “Everybody is excited to be moving forward.  We hope to have a nice sized team next year to attend some competitions.”

This year’s guest skaters from Kamloops were Graeme Gordon and Desiree Bortolussi.  As a team, they placed third in B.C. this year at the pre-novice ice dance competition and fourteenth in Canada.  “Graeme also competed at the novice men’s level as well this year,” said Morcombe “and he placed sixth in Canada and second in B.C..  We were thrilled to have them be a part of our show.”

Morcombe herself did a performance and showed her students that she doesn’t just talk the talk, but that she can indeed walk the walk.  She was graceful with lovely lines and a smooth presence on the ice.  Morcombe gave her students something to aspire to.

“The environment backstage was extremely positive,” said a proud Morcombe.  “The kids knew their routines and I think that the show was  a really positive end to the skating season.  The club has been awesome and for me personally this has definitely been the best year.  The parents and kids have been awesome.  My husband Ryan enjoys working at Copper Mountain Mine, my photography is going well and we are both enjoying Princeton.  The show was great and we like it here.  i am looking forward to seeing these same kids back on the ice and some new ones too for skating in the fall.”