Make it through the week and be a Kokanee survivor

Your weekly report on the achievements of the Princeton Kokanees

Aidan Neilson had a full complement of best times

Aidan Neilson had a full complement of best times

Princeton Kokanee Swim Club had amazing results at the Kamloops swim meet on the weekend of July 5 and 6. Our team swam hard and did amazing. We had cheering, we had six turtles participate, we placed 9th out of 15 teams with only 17 swimmers able to gather points.

We have five new club records set by;  Kate Bartlett with her 200IM, Grant Nelson with his 200IM, Aiden Neilson with his 100Bk, and Nick Cimbaro with his 100BK, and Nicholas  Cimbaro with his 50 freestyle in Merritt (we missed him last week) Bringing our total new club records for the 2014 season to 11 compared to last year with a total of 5 (maybe we have a new club record for the amount of club records broken this season) Coach Grant survived a 200IM,  Division  4 boys 100 FR race was .4 seconds between 1st and 4th place —that’s close! We had 2 parents learn to be stroke and turn officials, we survived a rain storm, Division 3 girls placed 3rd in their relay, two turtles swam unassisted in a relay, Lacey Baird did her first legal 50BR race, and we all had fun.

Swimmers of the Meet were both Aidan Neilson and Addison VanGenne. Aidan had a full complement of best times, including breaking the 30 second mark for this 50 freestyle swim, coming in at 29.95 (that is two lengths of a legal pool in under 30 seconds folks) Addison was seen helping out her fellow swimmers and cheering everyone on. She also swam an unbelievable backstroke race arms motoring and pushing forward, way to go Addy! Both of you did our team proud!

Swimmers of the week for the week of June 30-July 4 are; Turtles swimmer Payton Barth, who swam an entire length of the pool on her own this week. She began her length jumping into the deep end unassisted and then continued on doing her backstroke for 25m, great work Payton! Development swimmer Mitchell Yee has been bringing his A game every practice, he has been doing a fantastic job of learning his butterfly, his flip turns, and has been excelling in his dives. Way to go Mitchell!

Junior/Senior swimmer Evan Bosley can dive like the best of them, for those of you who know this swimmer we are so proud, Go Evan Go!

The Kokanees are on the final leg of training, with both regional and provincials sneaking up on us (where has the time gone) and to increase our amazing momentum, we are gearing up for survivor week; the purpose of this week is to completely tire out the swimmers and their muscles, then the following week (Taper Week) we do a different style of training to build the muscles to return into our Regionals meet stronger and faster than ever. Survivor week is also a ton of fun, with a surprise theme for the swimmers, daily prizes for swimmers of the day, and special surprise events during the morning and afternoon practice.

Wish our swimmers luck—if you can make it through this week, you’re a Kokanee Survivor!