The Princeton teams curled hard throughout the Ladies Bonspiel and came out well in the finals.

The Princeton teams curled hard throughout the Ladies Bonspiel and came out well in the finals.

Brooms are for curling not for a ride

Eleven teams, a theme and some ice were more than enough to make the local women’s curling bonspiel the place to be.  Carol McDonald and Marg Ovington were conveners as they have been for the past many years.  Eight local teams and three from out-of-town, found a way to turn the winter blahs into a weekend of fun.

One Kamloops team had some ex-Princetonites who came back to town.  A Penticton team and a team from Hope enjoyed the Santos dinner along with local curlers.  “Santos always does a great job catering,” said Carol “and we really appreciate that.”

The theme for this year was the letter “Q.”  “We were the queens,” said McDonald.  I was the queen of curling, Pam McKenzie was the Queen Mom, Marg Ovington was the Queen of Vegas, and Mez Smith was the Queen of Beauty.  Everybody got a lot of laughs in over the costumes.”    The winning “Qs,” were the Penticton team who were aboriginal for the night and from Queensland.  “It was really fun,” McDonald said.  “The Irish Queens dressed in green were Corrie Smith’s team.”   

“The ice was great.  Rosemary Clarke was awesome and always comes through organizing the teams,” added McDonald.  “It is because of our helpers that the bonspiel works out so well.  Marg Johnson was a huge help and Ken too.  Ken does the 50/50 and is a great help.  We couldn’t do it without the help of everybody in the club and as always the ice was great.

“The team from Hope had never been here before and they said they had a great time,” added McDonald.  “That says a lot about our crew.  We curl, we laugh and we have fun and add those personal touches that some of the larger bonspiels just can’t offer.  Generally everybody has a good time and it was great to have the eight local teams.  It is a real cooperative effort that makes the Ladies Bonspiel such a success year after year.  Thanks everyone.”