Red means stop and green means go

Princeton Landfill now includes a scale and requires patrons to adhere to the ‘rules of the road.’

Barrie Fraser

Barrie Fraser

It’s no joke—The first set of traffic lights have been installed at the… landfill?

The location of the lights is at the kiosk and are there to assist in controlling the direction of traffic and the entrance/exit of the scale system.

The Ministry of Environment now requires that all sites provide weight of waste going into the landfill.

In order to facilitate this, the use of the Princeton Landfill now includes a scale and requires patrons to adhere to the ‘rules of the road.’— Drive on the right side of the road.

Upon entering the landfill, signs will direct you to the recycling station and the scale entrance.

Once you have dropped off your recycling, enter the main road again and the red light will signal you to stop, then green to allow you to move forward to the scale. Once the weight of your vehicle is recorded, you will receive instructions to go ahead to the landfill area.

Exiting the landfill will take place over the same route you entered, only on the opposite side of the road. Your vehicle will again be weighed before you exit the site.

Barrie Fraser, scale kiosk operator asks that patrons have patience with the new system. “People are so used to being able to just come in and go, so the change will take a bit of getting used to,” he said.

Fraser also suggested that “being more contentious about separating recyclables from garbage, would go a long way to reducing the amounts going into the landfill.”

The lights and scale are phase one of the changes taking place at the Princeton Landfill.

Future changes will be announced as they are implemented.