Lyn Graff retires from Canada Post

Lyn Graff's 33 year career with Canada Post ended with her retirement on Thursday, Feb. 13.

Left to right: Sharon Gaythorpe

Left to right: Sharon Gaythorpe

A 33 year career with Canada Post ended on Thursday, Feb. 13 as local Lyn Graff finished her day and officially began her retirement.

“I’m feeling happy, nervous and excited,” said Graff. She adds, “It is with regret that I am leaving—the people of Princeton have been so good to me, but I am excited to be able to spend time with my children and my grandchildren.”

From 1991 to 1996, Graff  worked in Merritt so her sons could play hockey as there were no teams in Princeton at that time. The other 28 years of her career were spent at the Princeton Post Office, 15 of those years she served as lead – hand.

Graff says that working in the post office has been fun. “We know everybody here,” she said, “in a big city post office you just don’t.”

Graff said that they were able to deliver letters addressed with not so traditional addresses, for instance, like one to the house down the street with the red roof—and because they knew everyone they actually could and did make such deliveries.

One interesting memory that really stands out for Graff is the one day she got the “living jeepers scared out of her.” On this day, while she was in the back working, she opened the letter drop and instead of just picking out the letters she was met by a live crow. The crow was injured and someone, for some reason, had picked it up and put it into the letter box. Graff chuckles as she reminisces.

“It’s been good,” she said, “the public has been my reward and I just can’t say enough about the people of Princeton.” She very much appreciates the respect she was given and is going to miss seeing everyone.

Although she is feeling a little sad about leaving, Graff is super excited about being able to head out to see her family.

To start off her retirement, Lyn and her husband Ron are off to Edmonton next week to be there for the birth of their newest grandchild.

In April, the couple are vacationing in Reno and then off to Alaska in August.

Our best wishes to you Lyn, thank you for your years of service. Congratulations and Happy Retirement!